wajid :

The way it usually works is that you get to hear about who we are what we’ve done – in the year of our lord 1066ad 2nd gen did this, in 1642 they did that….well…the rest of the band might be in the mood but i’m not so i’ll tell it how it happened with an appropriate amount of stuff intentionally left out….

2nd Gen started as an angry young man….find me a young man who isn’t angry and you’ll find a prick….2nd Gen (initially just me) after living in sweden and enjoying various layers of promiscuity, decided to head back to the dirty ole towne of london….he got a job and he did ever so well….but worms crept under his skin every day…oh yes they fucking did…something had to be done…SOMETHING’S GOTTA BE DONE…..worms/music/worms/music/noise…make the sound of collapsing stars………the very first release was a 12″ called ‘Noise Sculptures’ released on the bristling Flo label…..following that another label called Mute got salivating and wanted to do the industrious thing and sign…me….up…… they did…..there’s a nice little backstory as to how it all came about but this is one of the intentionally left out bits…. i released an album and some EPs and some singles and travelled around europe spreading the godspiel…..made a couple of videos….did interviews….got photos taken…..and had an allround discovery……then…one….of….those,….stars…collapsed….somewhere….very…close….

i will tell you more in time ladies and gentlemen….but for now, have a good moment


alice and yoshi have their own stories to tell….and tell it they will….

yoshi :

to be honest, i was a fan tim of 2nd gen in my early london time.

That Ep, “Noise Sculptures” I had  listened to it again and again with my mate in the kitchen. excellent much of the title and tune, even enjoyable in the different speeds on the record player.  One day, we went to the gig at Electrowerkz 200, guest players making noise with guitar,  gas tank, etc in the wall of noise but sounding clear. The guy was screaming like “this is poetry!!” Soon after the gig, my friend asked him something but forgot what he said…

Since then me and mate did a couple of bands but always remind me of their level of intenseness that I couldn’t reach as my position as a dropped out architectural student and even more fucked up situation I had with the UK immigration law.  But I’m proud of still going out from that time, totally fed up with my previous ambition… what the fuck of it? but never think subjective to get there like a flow of life as it is and then I fucking grew up.

I met Wajid long time later at the Resonance FM The Saturday Night Mash-Up live session. Radio host and all around us organizing and curator called, Spax and me after the collapses of improvised noise performance band which I was involved and him just released the Uniform album, “Protocol” did the gig with them on the same night Evil Art and the other night The Wormhole Saloon, I just grab the guitar from Alice when she’s playing trombone, naturally did it.  so since then I’m in Uniform and of-course 2nd Gen too.

why not but it’s not always easy….but for now, have a good moment.




i first smacked my head against 2nd Gen when i was part of a project called Dual. One night in September 2000, we were on the same bill at the Red Rose in London. i had little knowledge of 2G but it was a relief when they kicked off – fat sounds for my fat ass. things morphed, swelled and fell over drunkenly in the street, and after time Wajid & i secured the Uniform project down with ropes made of golden nerve-threads. i also contributed to the 2G Flicknives album: the track Evox was made in collaboration with a ghost that i shared a house with in Devon [true], and Middle Finger Motif was a riff that i’d kicked about for a while and given to Wajid, who super-crunched it and fed it to the jackals.

in 2003 i lived in Japan for 3 months and played some solo gigs as Germseed (thanks to the Appliance Japan label). on my return, Uniform (at that time just Wajid & i) played at the 291 Gallery in London. we were taken with the performance and general demeanour of another band on the bill, Anal Garden, who Yoshi was (and is) a sexy dynamite component. noodles later, i turned around during another Uniform gig (at the Whitechapel Gallery, London) to see Yoshi playing my guitar with an ashtray.

these days Captain Yosh & i are on board with 2G (as well as Uniform)…we lack Nad on vocals (very much missed!) as he’s living in New Zealand and working on his Scalper project. so it may seem that Uniform & 2nd Gen are a little confused? Wrong – the music is as different as holy pancakes in the gutter and dogshit at the Ritz…