‘Flicknives’ – album – Quatermass Records

‘Musicians are Morons’ – EP – Mute Records

‘Irony Is’ album – Mute Records

‘And/Or’ – EP – Mute Records

‘Against Nature’ – EP – Mute Records

’Noise Sculptures’ – 12″ vinyl- Flo Records


Releases on various compilations : 

‘And / Or’ on Genetically Modified album – Streetbeat Records

‘Sunshine and all the bollocks that goes with it’ on No More Rock n Roll album – Make Some Noise Records

‘Exist Slowly’ on Welcome to Execrate album – Leaf Records

‘Black Spring’ on Sonic Mook Experiment – Future Rock n Roll -Blast First Records

‘Post Modern Martyrs’ on D-Side19 – D Side Records

‘Statutory Angels’ on Collision Course album – PIAS Records

‘The Arrival of Suppression’ on Atomic Fireballs album – Flo Records


Production duties on : 

Leechwoman – ‘Three3Zero’ album – Quai Loh Records

Meira Asher – ‘Spears into Hooks’ album – Crammed Disc Records

Scalper – ‘7th Thief’ EP – Flo Records

Made in Britain – ‘Scalper’ EP – Flo Records